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The Roudaut's Compagny, LSA group seedlings report.

24 March 2017

To settle with the great export.

The large building is drawn up with the crossing of two small country roads, which curve between Plounéventer and Lesneven in Finistere North. Inside, the storage space and of conditioning is rather impressive, in height and especially in width. “At the time of the enlarging of the first building in 2009, we made jump the central partition” explains Alain Roudaut, manager of SarlRoudaut and the structure commercialeLSA. So the series of 3 cells de2 000 tons is aligned in the direction of the width.

IThe first section of the building was built in 2004. Alain and his brother Jean-Luc then decided to invest in equipment adapted to the palox of two tons (carriages, vacuum-cases…), which facilitates the handling of strong volumes. In 2009, calibration was re-examined with new with equipment Compass, Symach in palletization, Manter for weighing. Thus, the flow of the chain can reach 150 to 180 tons/day. The last phase proceeded during 2013 with a doubling of storage capacity, permitted by a room joined in length, 10 height meters for 7,000 tons of potatoes in cases. The refrigeration is ensured by Top a Klim' unit Controls.

Export of Spunta

This production equipment thus evolved to adapt to the development of the customers of LSA, which dispatches 18,000 T of seedlings in 2013-2014, including 15,000 with export in three months towards the Middle East and Maghreb countries. The new company LSA, which tightened themselves since 2009 around two associated, the limited liability company Roudaut and Earl de Kergleuz of Dominique Morvan, still will accentuate his implication in potato

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