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24 March 2017


Export around the free variety Spuntareste the main activity but the sociéténe does not put nevertheless “all its seedlings in the same shopping cart”! History GIE Sport selectors of Armorique, founded en1998 to take part in the développementdes varieties of Brittany-Seedlings, restel' heritage of first obtainings, the washable Eden (1998) and especially the chairferme Gourmandine (2000). Abordconfiées at the Nangica cooperative, it estrapidement the Desmazières company which vaprésider in the future of Gourmandine on lemarché French and LSA which will take again the development of Eden. The structurebretonne chose to concentrate surl' export.

“Starting from 1998, we started to work live with a Tunisian customer, knowing that this country is very attached to the Spunta variety”, Alain Roudaut recognizes. “The Tunisians buy in Europe seeds which they plant in January, collect at the end of May to replant them enseptembre. One needs varieties with dormancecourte, able to be productive in off-season. It is the great force of Spunta which was not yet détrônéesur this crenel of the second season”

The GIE develops its surfaces of Spunta then, while in parallel trying to diversify. It registers Eden and Goumandine in Tunisia, then Gourmandine in Belgium. In 2002, it buys the variety Carla, promising with the export, which is unfortunately sensitive to the Yntn virus.

Started from 3,000 tons at the beginning of the years 2000, LSA markets approximately 5,000 tons in 2009. At that time, the four associates realize that they do not have same priorities. The group is divided into two, but continuous to share surfaces of seedlings of Gourmandine, just as with Pondi Seedlings, historically associated with the variety. In 2014, the variety will be multiplied on 180 ha in France, that is to say 20 ha more than in 2013, with 120 ha in Brittany including 50 ha at LSA, 60 ha in North with Desmazières, not counting some surfaces in Holland.

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