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Paysan Breton - The Roudaut compagny, Independent exporter of Potatoe seeds

24 March 2017

To control its marketing. Alain and Jean-Luc Roudaut represent the third generation of producers of potato seedlings on their exploitation of Plounéventer (29). Since 1995, they are invested in the marketing of their production. For that, the Roudaut private limited company passes by LSA, a commercial structure within which it is associated to the EARL of Kergleuz, “3 other producers of seedlings entrust their volume to us”, Alain Roudaut specifies, who is also manager of LSA. “To be independent allows us to develop to the maximum our production, especially the happy new years”. On the other hand, “the bad years are even harder. It is a choice”, he assumes.

This organization which thus implies 5 producers makes it possible to make a more complete offer with the customers and to be more reactive at the time of the order to ensure the preparation and the sending of the batches. This year, LSA will have thus marketed 12,000 T of seedlings.

A functional exploitation

Algeria in Saudi Arabia, “export accounts for 85% of our outlet”. The customers are rather faithful. With them, “the contact is regular, there is an exchange of advices and remarks”. In Tunisia, “we always work with our first customers. In 1998, for the first sale, we had sent 75 T to them”, remembers Alain Roudaut. Twelve years afterwards, LSA provided 4,500 T of seedlings to its 7 Tunisian customers. Vis-a-vis the development of the customers, the production equipment also evolved. The building of storage and conditioning of the private limited company was adapted to treated volumes. Equipped except freezing, it makes it possible to work the tubers whatever the outside temperature. “The line of sorting and conditioning changed last year has a flow of 150 T/J”. With the 2 associated ones, 5 permanent employees work on the exploitation and 4 seasonal workers supplement the team from August to March. Besides that of its 110 ha, the private limited company Roudaut buys the production of another exploitation, “we have also 30 ha made-to-order, in 3 farmers who are not recognized yet as producers of seedlings”. For the year which comes, the objective is “that they obtain a number of producers and become thus producing seedlings except for whole”.